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Basel Naouri is a Jordanian architect, musician and designer of interactive spatial experiences. He is currently based in Berlin, where he is furthering his research on the cross-section between architecture and sound through an MA in Media Spaces at UE-A&D. Basel’s work is frequently displayed in design events around the world.

Most recently, he represented Jordan at Dubai Design Week 2018. Basel's interactive sound installation Tonal Texture is currently on display at Venice Design 2018 in conjunction with the Venice Biennale 2018. In 2017, Basel’s sound exhibition “Sounds of Design” was displayed as part of Amman Design Week (ADW). He is also an avid furniture designer and works primarily with reclaimed materials from across Jordan, having recently launched his independent line 432 Hz. Much of Basel’s design work is rooted in his background as a multi-instrumentalist and electronic music production work, such as his collaboration with Architect Ammar Khammash on Desert Soundscapes. In addition to his design work, Basel works with diverse media to actualise architectural, interior and exhibition design projects.

In Jordan, Basel held the position of Head of Exhibition Design at the Jordan Children’s Museum, where he designed Jordan’s first standalone museum exhibition. Prior to that, he was Head Furniture Designer at the furniture studio Shiraz Stores and an Architect with Khammash Architects and Dar Al Omran Architects. He is a co-founding member of the electronic music duo Arabs with Synthesizers. Basel holds a BA in Architecture from the German Jordanian University and an Associate’s Degree in Architecture from HTW Saarbrücken.